Fish swimming amidst rays of sunlight in the photic zone

About our name

The photic zone, or euphotic zone (Greek for "well lit"), is sometimes called the sunlight zone. It is the portion of water in a lake or ocean that sunlight can reach.
90% of all marine life lives in the photic zone.

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Commitment to Sustainability

We source all our fish from aquacultured or sustainable fisheries. To ensure your successs, we also complete an extensive quarantine process to promote the health and immunity of our fish.

All of our corals are grown and propagated in either aquaculture or mariculture facilities. This prevents further damage to wild reefs by encouraging locally grown and aquacultured coral.

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About Colin Apt

Photic Zone founder Colin Apt was born and raised in Bellingham, WA, and has been part of the Northwest aquarium industry since 2008. He has operated both freshwater and marine departments. He holds a degree in fisheries and aquaculture sciences from Bellingham Technical College. In August of 2015 Colin founded The Photic Zone to provide the Pacific Northwest with a higher quality of sustainable fish keeping and aquarium services.


At The Photic Zone we offer professional aquarium services and the highest quality livestock possible. Our number one goal is for you to have a positive and successful experience in aquarium stewardship.


We'll work with you to design the ideal aquarium system to fit your specific needs in terms of aesthetic, size, and budget. Custom glass and acrylic aquariums with custom stands and filtration systems are available.


As a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor, we ensure that on-site installation is completed to your satisfaction.


Our commitment to sustainability includes a commitment to your long-term satisfaction. The Photic Zone provides timely on-site maintenance to keep your system in optimal health.

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"I would, without hesitation, recommend Colin Apt and The Photic Zone, LLC. His character and professional integrity are outstanding. He would be an excellent resource for the care of your tanks…"

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